Most Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to receive and send faxes

Where and when can I send and receive faxes with
You can receive and send faxes at any time, our service is valid 24/7.
You can send your faxes from any country in the world you just need to access your account via an Internet connection. service does not require any Software installation. It works, following subscription, with all operating systems.
What is my fax number?
We provide you with a local number for receiving your fax to email. There is no difference between the fax number provided by and the classical fax machine number.
This number is personal, you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period.
What shall I do if I already have a fax number?
If you already have a fax number you can transfer it to your number. You will keep receiving your faxes that you will then manage via your account or via your mail archives. does not offer this transfer service, this feature has to be requested of your existing telephony company.
How do I receive and see my faxes?
As soon as you receive a new fax, it is available in your «Popfax box» online. You can see, print, download, forward it to an e-mail account or archive it in a folder on your account (if you have subscribed to the extended storage option).
If you configure e-mail forwarding option in your parameters, we send you a copy of any new received fax to email in attachment. You can still see this fax at any time on
How am I informed when a new fax arrives?
We send you an e-mail alert as soon as a new fax arrives.
If you activate the corresponding option in your parameters, you can receive an SMS alert. The cost of sending the SMS is deducted from your prepaid account.
Can I receive faxes from abroad?
Yes, the numbers provided by have no usage restrictions. See International dialling rules when dialling from abroad.
How do I send a new fax?
You can send a fax from your online account very easily. You simply have to indicate the fax number destination and select from your computer the document you want to be sent. Before sending the fax check the object, the content and the layout of your document and send.
Can I send a fax to a group of recipients from my address book at once?
Yes, you can merge up to 10 contacts from the address book and send faxes or SMSs to this group very easily from the “Contact book” page. This feature is included into the Options Pack.
How do I insert the cover page in my fax ?
Check the “Insert cover page” box on the “Send fax” page and type the cover page content in the text box displayed. Alternatively, in the case of "Mail to fax", add the cover page content in the body of the email and send your mail to an address like <fax_number> (See the demo on the “Send fax” page in your account).
How do I know my fax has been properly received?
After sending your fax you receive a report informing you if your transmission was successful or, in case of a problem, the type of transmission error.
You can see the status and the copy of your transmissions at any time in the «Outbox» of your account.
A transmission journal is available for review under the heading «History» of your account.
Can I send faxes abroad?
Yes. For more details see International dialling rules.

2. Subscribing to our fax to email services

How do I access services?
To use services you subscribe for a duration in time.
During the subscription you can send and receive faxes. Reception is free and unlimited, to send the faxes you must have a prepaid account.
Can I receive faxes right away after my payment?
Yes. Immediately after subscription is complete you can access your personal parameters and recover your fax number which will be authorised to accept your faxes.
What are the possible means of payment ?
You can pay online by credit card, the payment solution is secured. Information concerning your credit card is sent directly to our financial partner, we do not see it at any time. Other means of payments that can be used at are Bank Transfer and Paypal.
You can buy the services via our distribution network, in this case you will receive a Popcode, which will enable you to credit your account with the services you've bought.
How do I use my «Popcode»?
With a Popcode you can subscribe to a new account or, if you are already a customer, extend your services.
If you do not have an account yet, click on «Enter Popcode» on home page and subscribe to the service by inserting your Popcode. Your account will automatically be provisioned with the services associated to your code.
If you already have an account, click on the link to extend your services on your «Account management» page. Once you are on the «Services Extension» page, type in your Popcode.
How do I use my «Promocode»?
Your promotional code gives you discounts on the services you purchase online.
If you already have a promotional code or "Promocode", enter the subscription page, choose the elements of your order, insert your code in the corresponding cell and send the order.
If you already have an account, click on the link to extend your services on your «Account management» page. Once you are on the «Services Extension» page, select your services and type in your «Promcode» in the corresponding box.
What is the storage option?
All sent or received documents are stored on our servers for 30 days. At any time you can delete them. We provide 20Mb of storage per customer. When this limit is reached we delete automatically the faxes in their order of arrival (oldest first).
If you wish to keep them, you can purchase 1GB indefinite storage (subject to active subscription). This option enables fax folders creation and archiving in Reception box.

3. Account management

How can I manage my account?
Once you accessed your account with your e-mail login and password, select the heading «Account management», this allows you to see the status of your account.
May I have multiple fax numbers?
Yes. Nevertheless you should open multiple accounts with different login email addresses.
May I receive my fax on multiple email addresses?
Yes, you can manage your distribution list from ‘Account management’ page of your account. This feature is included into Options Pack.
How do I set up the cover page ?
You can manage your cover page from the ‘Account management’ page of your account.

4. International dialling rules

How can I receive fax copies from foreign countries?
To send you a fax the sender has to dial the outgoing international code of his country (most of the time the code is 00). Then your fax number with the incoming country code of your fax number
If your fax number is in UK , to dial your number from abroad we have to remove part of the local code «0» and add the country code «44» (e.g. the number 020 12345678 become 00 44 20 12345678);
If your fax number is in France , to dial your number from abroad we have to remove part of the local code «0» and add the country code «33» (e.g. the number 01 87654321 become 00 33 1 87654321);
If your fax number is in Spain , to dial your number from abroad we have to add «34» (e.g. the number 91 123456 become 00 34 91 123456);
If your fax number is in Germany , to dial your number from abroad we have to remove part of the local code «0» and add the country code «49» (e.g. the number (0) 87654321 become 00 49 87654321);
If your fax number is in Italy , to dial your number from abroad we have to add «39» (e.g. the number 06 123456 become 00 39 06 123456);
How can I send fax to international destinations?
To send fax abroad we should apply the International dialling rules.
If you send fax to UK , to dial by the local number, indicate «+», add UK country code «44», then the local number without «0». (e.g. the number 020 12345678 become +44 20 12345678).
If you send a fax in France , to dial your number, use the sign «+», add the country code «33», then the local number without «0». (e.g. number 01 12345678 becomes +33 1 12345678).
If you send a fax in Germany , to dial your number, use the sign «+», add the country code «49», then the local number without «0». (e.g. number (0) 87654321 becomes + 49 87654321).
If you send a fax in Italy , to dial your number, use the sign «+», add the country code «39», then the local number (e.g. number 06 123456 becomes + 39 06 123456).

5. File formats supported by our sending engine

File formats supported by the Popfax sending engine are:
Document Type Extensions
Microsoft Word DOC, DOCX
Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX
Microsoft PowerPoint PPT, PPTX
OpenDocument Text ODT
OpenDocument Spreadsheet ODS
OpenOffice Writer SXW
OpenDocument Presentation ODP
Adobe Portable Document Format PDF
Adobe Postscript PS
Windows Bitmap BMP
Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format GIF
JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group JPG, JPEG
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) TIF, TIFF
Encapsulated Postscript EPS
Rich Text Format RTF
Plain Text TXT

6. Fax mailing

I wish to send several thousand faxes every month
Companies organising important fax mailings (more than 10,000 faxes per month) can sign a specific contract and benefit from a customized technical and commercial interface. Please contact us giving your volumes and contact details. A sales engineer will call you back.
I wish to send a fax to several recipents
The "mail to fax" option enables sending of a file by fax to several recipients (from 1 to 500). "Send Only" package includes "mail to fax" option.
I wish to send 10 to 20 faxes per day.
The user interface makes fax sending one by one very easy and is user-friendly enough to easily facilitate the sending of ten or twenty or so faxes per day.
Integrate into your applications
You can integrate solution in any environment with email application and send simple or multiple faxes all over the world.

Download 'send fax' specification (SMTP API)
Download 'send fax' specification (HTTP API Web Services)
Download 'Mail2SMS' specification (SMTP API)

7. Voice services

How can I activate the Popfax Voice service?
Popfax voice service is included into the Option Pack. It can be activated from “Account management”, “Voice parameters” page, by clicking on the “Enable” button.
How does Popfax Voice Mail work?
This feature allows you to receive incoming voice messages on your Popfax number and to listen to them from your Popfax account, from the attachment to the alert email, or from a phone by calling your Popfax number and typing in your access code. Your Popfax Voice Mail allows you to receive up to 50 messages of 2 minutes each. Voice messages are automatically deleted from Inbox after 30 days.
What is the language of my Popfax Voice Mail main menu?
The language of your Popfax Voice Mail box can be set up from the "Account management", "Voice parameters" page.
How can I access my Popfax Voice Mail box?
In order to access your Popfax Voice Mail, you must call your Popfax number and type your 4 digits access code on your phone keyboard during the Welcome message playing.
How can I listen to my voice messages?
Once you have accessed your Popfax Voice Mail box, the first new voice message, if available, is played automatically. You can also access your voice messages by pressing 1 after main menu. At the end of the voice message, if no action is requested, the next message is automatically played after 2 seconds.
Can I upload my own voicemail welcome message?
Yes, you can. When you activate your voicemail option, you will be able to upload an already recorded greeting file in WAV format. The maximum allowed duration of your personal greeting file is 2 minutes, and the minimum duration - 7 seconds.

8. Popfax Free Trial

Can I send a free fax with Popfax?
Popfax provides a fully featured free trial. If you are new to Popfax, you can register for a free trial and send a free fax to any fax number (including international numbers) and receive faxes in your online account and faxes to email with no contract, no credit card and no setup fees.
Are all Popfax functions available during the free test?
Yes. You are given a dedicated fax number when you subscribe to the Popfax free trial, and all features and functions are ready for you to use.
How long does the Popfax free trial last? How many pages can I send and receive for free?
The Popfax free trial lasts for 3 days. During this period you can send up to 4 free fax pages and receive an unlimited number of faxes for free. If you use your free fax pages before your trial expires, you can buy credits to have additional fax pages at a price of only 0.05 EUR each. Check out our low fax sending rates per countries.
What happens when the free trial is over?
At the end of the Popfax trial, the subscription will expire. You have the option to extend your subscription with the Send and Receive Fax plan and keep the fax number provided for the test.

9. Fax Number Portability

What is fax number portability?
The ability to take your existing fax number to a new fax service with a new provider is called fax number portability.
What are the benefits of porting my number to Popfax?
You are free to switch to Popfax without losing your existing number and without interrupting your fax communication.
Once ported, the fax number will remain yours as long as you remain a Popfax subscriber.
The high availability architecture of the Popfax service ensures, for a low price, the delivery of your incoming and outgoing faxes 24/7.
The reception of faxes to your number ported to Popfax is free and unlimited (for normal usage, see Terms and Conditions).
Which numbers are eligible for porting to Popfax and how much will it cost to transfer my number?
The Popfax portability offer is available for numbers in several countries. When the portability offer shows up during the subscription process, it means that the portability offer is present in the country where you are currently choosing a fax number. The portability process is free of charge for any Send and Receive subscription that you buy.
What are the steps involved in porting and how long will it take?
1. During subscription choose to port your fax number.
2. Authorize Popfax to port your number by filling and signing the portability request form. Usually, the portability process takes from one to two weeks.
3. During this time, you will have an active Popfax account with a temporary number which you can use immediately to send and receive faxes.
Note: It is important that you do not cancel your existing fax service before changing to Popfax. You will not be able to keep your existing fax number if you disconnect from your current service before the porting is complete. As soon as the portability process is finished, we will inform you and your temporary number will be definitively changed to the ported one.

10. Fax mobile

Can I send and receive faxes with my smartphone?

Yes! There are two easy ways:

  • Our mobile fax website which is compatible with all smartphones.
  • Our mobile fax app Popcompanion for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Fax from iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smartphones, with Popfax!

How do I install the fax app on my smartphone or tablet?
  • Download Popcompanion Fax App from iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry Marketplace and install it on your device (your smartphone or tablet must have an internet connection).
  • Then create a Popfax account or sign in to your existing account.
How do I send a fax from the Popcompanion mobile fax application?
  • Scan the pages of a document one by one with your smartphone’s camera. The image processor integrated in Popcompanion adjusts the photo and converts it into a faxable black & white document. You can rotate the picture, adjust the page size, add a customizable cover page, etc.
  • Add as many scanned pages as you need. Popcompanion will interpret it as a single fax document with multiple pages.
  • Send the resulting document to your fax correspondent(s).

See the detailed video demo How to scan and fax documents using an iPhone or an Android smartphone

How do I receive faxes with my smartphone?
  • In order to be able to receive faxes, you must have subscribed to a Send & Receive Fax package with a dedicated fax number provided by Popfax or have had your fax number ported to Popfax.
  • You can find your incoming faxes in your Popfax account, which can be accessed with your smartphone either from the mobile site, from the Popcompanion application, or in the email inbox linked to your Popfax account.
Can I search my faxes using the Popfax mobile app?
  • Yes! In the fax app for iOS installed on your iPhone or iPad you can search for faxes by keywords contained in the fax text using the integrated OCR search.

11. Fax Gateway Integration

What is Popfax used as a Fax Gateway?
Popfax is a cloud-based service which enables users to securely send and receive faxes. Popfax provides a two-way fax gateway: web-to-fax <-> fax-to-web and email-to-fax <-> fax-to-email.
Can I integrate Popfax service to my backend system?
  • Yes! Popfax provides 2 free fax APIs – SOAP (HTTPS web services) and SMTP (e-mail) – for sending and receiving faxes directly from your system or application.
Which back office applications can integrate with Popfax service?
  • Since Popfax Internet Fax Service uses email API (and also a SOAP API which requires a little more IT development expertize), all the different SAP systems, CRM modules, ERP platforms and other business and e-commerce apps can be connected to Popfax, using our system as a Fax Gateway.
What fax number will be used in my integrated solution? Can I perform the fax integration with my current number?
Which functions of the Popfax service can be integrated into a third-party application?

Popfax as fax gateway can be adapted to suit every company’s specific needs:

  • Document personalization for each recipient
  • Cover pages and signatures in outbound faxes
  • Certification of content that is delivered using the "Registered fax" patented system
  • Receiving notifications upon each fax delivery
  • Resending failed faxes
  • Performing faxmailing to a few multiple users (Caution : the APIs only link to the standard fax Send and Receive services, the Faxmailing platform of Popfax that can send thousands of faxes at once is not accessible via the APIs)

12. Documents editing and signing

How can I activate the Documents editing and signing feature?
To edit and sign documents, Popfax clients need to purchase the Option Pack.
Where can I manage my Editable Documents?
Your Editable Documents are available in your Popfax account, in the folder called "PopFiles". If you chose to edit a document from another folder a copy will be created in the "PopFiles" folder.
How can I edit a fax?
To edit a fax, select it and click on the "Edit" button. Another possibility is to preview your fax, and click on the "Edit" button. At this stage, it will be copied to the "PopFiles" folder and you will be asked to accept the name given by default to your editable document or to give it a different name. The Document Editor will be launched. If you select more than one Fax, the faxes will be merged into one document.
Can I upload other documents into "PopFiles"?
Yes, you can edit and sign other documents, not only your faxes. To do that, you have to upload the file or to create one from scratch on a blank A4 page in the "PopFiles" folder. You can upload the file directly from your device, or by sending it to the email from the email address you registered for your account. Subject and body of the email can be empty. The maximum file size is 8 MB. You can upload the following formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, SXW, ODP, PDF, PS, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, RTF, TXT. The files you upload are immediately converted into a fax format before you can use them with the editor.
What action can I do with the Document Editor?
Using the Popfax Document Editor you can add free text, the date or a signature to your document, then you can fax it directly with all the changes inserted.
How many editable documents can I create?
As many as you want! There is no limit to the number of editable documents.
Where can I manage my signatures?
Your signatures are available in your Popfax account, in the default folder "Signatures", right after the "PopFiles" folder. You can edit them there. Available functions include cropping, rotating and threshold fine-tuning for separating the signature from irrelevant background parts of the image.
How do I create a signature?
Popfax provides you with 4 ways to add your signature. You can upload it from an image stored on your device, draw it, type it, or send it via email to from the email address you registered for your account. Subject and body of the email can be empty. The maximum file size is 8 MB. The following formats are supported: JPG, PNG, GIF.
How many signatures can I add?
You can add as many signatures as you want.
How do I sign a document I've received?
To sign a document, please do the following (the signature must have been created beforehand. See how you create a signature):
  1. Select the document you have received by fax and click on "Edit" button.
  2. Accept the given default name or modify it. The Document Editor will be launched.
  3. From the left menu, click on "Insert Signature".
  4. Select the signature you want to apply. Adjust its size if necessary.
  5. Once you have signed the document, click on "Save and send by fax".
Once you have signed, the document can be sent by fax. Your signed document will also be available in your "PopFiles" folder. That's all there is to it!